Name me a more iconic pairing than football fans, and adoring successful local players, i’ll wait. Truth is, we all adore watching the lads that grew up in and around our clubs going on to do big things – players like Steven Gerrard, Ian Wright, Dixie Dean, and Alan Shearer. In more recent years we’ve seen that adoration with the likes of Alexander-Arnold, Tierney, Rashford and others. Fans adore a local lad who writes himself into the club’s history books…Imagine how mad they’d be for a full squad of them!

Yep, that’s the plan for this save! I’m planning on building a club and squad full of players who have grown up in and around the club i’m managing, and taking that squad as far as I possibly can before having to adapt. The rules are easy, and i’ll push them as far as I can before they become unsustainable.

so what exactly are the rules for this madcap challenge?” I hear exactly nobody ask.


  1. Players already at the club are not affected – contracts can be renewed, and players do not have to be sold
  2. Future signings from outwith the club must have been born within 50 miles of the club stadium
  3. Youth intakes are exempt from this rule – players from outwith the 50 mile radius may be signed, but foreign nationals must come from a nation which the club has a link to (through either senior staff – Manager, Assistant, HoYD or DoF – or an Affiliate Club). Any other foreign national cannot be signed.

Seems pretty straightforward, really. Of course, we’re starting from quite low in the English League system, as i’ve selected Crewe for my adventure, so this is likely to be quite a slow process, as I’ll have to carefully build and develop the squad through both smart recruitment, and increasing the quality of our youth and first-team facilities and coaches.

I also have a few sub-goals that I want to achieve within the save, although not at any determined time:

  1. Promotion to the Premier League
  2. Win a Domestic Cup
  3. Qualify for European Football
  4. Have a Youth Intake player win Golden Boy
  5. Have a ‘Local’ win Balon D’or

Without further ado, let’s jump in!



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