An Idiot Abroad (Again)

Some of you reading this may still remember my slow descent into madness at the start of the FM19 lifecycle, as I attempted to explore the difficulties of women in football, and did absolutely nothing to demonstrate that we are – as a gender group – any good at managing a football club. In fact, one or two of you may remember how I managed to get myself sacked from no less than three clubs in about a season, before finally admitting that, actually, I’m terrible at this years game, and returning to posting about 40,000 different saves, before University enforced a content-creating hiatus.

Well, I’ve more or less got my second degree now, so I suppose this is the equivalent of coming out of retirement? I’m reviving my Idiot Abroad series, and we’re going to take footballing idiot InvertedWingbacks on a journey through Europe’s lower leagues, in an attempt to win some trophies, and finally crack this game!

Screenshot 2019-04-09 at 18.44.36.png

So with 0 coaching badges, and Sunday league experience, it’s time to get cracking once again in the world of Football Manager. I want to approach this save with a pretty open mind, but focus mainly on building up the finances and standing of the clubs I manage. Ideally, I’d love a Champions League trophy, but that may well be a long, long time away yet! The only rule is that if I manage a club in 1 country, and then leave, I cannot return to that country until I’ve won a trophy in another country first.

Screenshot 2019-04-09 at 18.45.41.png

Rather than waiting for months to be able to sign with a club, I left my fate in the hands of the game’s RNG, and we’re off to the Portuguese Second Division, and Leixōes. Predicted to finish 7th in the League, and with a relatively modest history, Leixōes are a club that I can see massive potential with; largely average facilities but a reasonable starting balance, and a reasonable pool of talent waiting to be developed. I’ll more than likely have to curb a bit of the wage spend, but overall, I reckon I’ve got a decent setup here to work with.

In my next post I’ll go over the squad, walk you through my thought process on the first day at a new club, and set some goals for my time in Portugal.

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