5. Sometimes You Must Wait

“Take Over At The End of the Season” – an option that I really need to consider using when I’m taking club jobs! By deciding to take over immediately at Örebro in Part 4 I think I made a mistake; we had 9 points available in the three remaining games of the season, and with our first game coming against the league leaders, a narrow 1-0 defeat was enough to consign us to defeat, and give me what must surely be a record for fastest sacking; two days.

Now, I need to stress at this point that while it looks as if the board at both previous clubs have been ridiculously harsh, the league which the teams have been relegated into isn’t playable, which means that there is physically no way for me to keep my job post-relegation.

As we race into November 2019, I’ve finally managed to secure a job, although it has once again meant going back to Sweden (because nowhere else will take me) in a relaxing of the rules from Part 1. Going forwards, I can apply to jobs in any country if I’m unemployed, but if I’m moving from club to club, that move must take me somewhere else – hopefully my next move sees me outside of Sweden!

Anyway, we’re off to Vänersborgs FK in the Swedish Second Division North Götaland, which is the fourth and lowest playable league in Sweden. Promotion from the Second Division would see us in the First Division, and from there further promotions are to the First Division Elite, and then to the Swedish Premier Division.

The biggest win for me with this job is that the Swedish season is over, and league games do not start again until March, meaning that I have a long time to analyse the squad and build my tactics, with the hope of making it through a full season with the club.

As with most of my previous clubs, Vänersborgs have never won a senior honour, and while there are currently no expectations set of the new season, I’m personally looking for a mid-table finish this year and anything beyond that is a bonus. The club do have two philosophies which I am going to be judged on; Developing players using the club’s youth system, and making the most of attacking set pieces.

With the transfer window opening in a week, and with three months until the players return for pre-season, I’m hoping that I have a smooth bedding-in period, and we can start the season in style…but as we’ve already seen across the last 2 years, this save is anything but smooth sailing 90% of the time!

3 thoughts on “5. Sometimes You Must Wait

      1. Haha…I have theorised (to myself) that eventually you manage all the clubs in that league and get sacked at every one of them. Making you the first manager in history to have managed an entire league. At that point drop the mic and quit playing FM, there is nothing more to achieve ever.


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