3. False Starts and Full Hearts

Well, safe to say Football Manager is a hell of a game. It’s also a lot harder so far than I ever found FM18. But then, I hadn’t realised last time round that I had taken control of possibly the worst team in all of Sweden. Indeed, In my 9 games in charge of Gällvare Malmbergets, we managed just three draws, and fell to six defeats. My original plan to go back to basics and play 4-4-2 spectacularly backfired, and with me completely unable to find a) anybody capable of playing on the flanks, and b) a tactical style which worked in any way, shape or form, we remained rooted to the bottom of the table, gloriously relegated with barely a whimper.

Needless to say, with relegation came a sacking. 63 Days into our adventure abroad, and we’re looking for a new job once more. I don’t even think there was a lot of time to build up any base of ‘analysis’ or ‘what went wrong’ – the short answer is ‘everything‘. The issue moving forward was: How do you convince another team to take a chance on you, when you’ve never won a professional game of football.

You’ll recall that in part one I set myself various conditions for after I’ve been sacked, which basically meant that I couldn’t apply to a club job at a higher reputation club. This effectively ruled out any of the available club jobs that were floating around, and in order to get back into football, I’ve had to Segway into that most horrendous of management roles: International Management. Not even full-fat international management either; I’m off to try to get the Nigerian Under 23s to the U23 African Cup of Nations!

Now, Understandably, a few of you are going to be wonder “how is that justifiable, given the conditions you set?!” and I did struggle with it a bit, however as club/country rep isn’t comparable, I have worked from the reputations of the competitions the teams are competing in, and as both are 1* competitions, I’ve allowed it. With one stipulation: that I take the next available job that would have fit the criteria at this point.

For now, I have around 6 in-game months before my next game; in that time I will still apply for club jobs (because nobody wants to read about six months of me scouting players), however I will only be able to accept a post at a non-Swedish, 1/2 star reputation team, in keeping with the rules from post one, or – if the Nigeria job goes well and I apply elsewhere rather than being sacked again – a 1 star, non-Swedish side!

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