2. Stepping Out

June 2018. Our adventure into football begins

With the launch of the BETA, I’ve decided to get stuck right in and start my journey through the footballing world. It took me a little while to decide on the leagues which I wanted to load, but having thought about the level of football and my own experience with the game, I’ve gone for the following setup:Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 21.02.04.png

I’m hoping that adding in the Scandinavian leagues and some of our more Eastern Neighbours would give me added scope to kickstart my career and take the first step onto the ladder. I’m also very aware that the managerial experience that I have given my manager will limit the level I can enter the game at:

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 21.08.11.png

In the end, it took a few weeks, but by July, I was in a job. We’re off to Sweden, jumping into the Second Division North with Gällivare Malmbergets FF, who are currently dead last, and 6 points from safety. The board have made it quite clear from the outset that if I can’t keep the club in the division, then they would be unable to consider keeping me in the job for a further period of time.

The Club: Gällivare Malmbergets FF

Founded in 2005, Gällivare have never won a trophy in their history, which is good news for me because it means I have a completely blank slate to build from. In terms of ambitions for the season, the club is in the middle of a relegation dogfight, and I’m going to have a real job on my hands to keep us in the hunt for safety.

Financially, we have just under £7k in the bank, so there’s not much scope to bring in players to really build the squad, meaning that I’m largely going to have to work with what I’ve got to push on this season, and then build from there.

In terms of the squad, we are outrageously thin on the ground, to the point where I’m struggling to put 11 players in their correct positions on the pitch. My plan is to use a basic 4-4-2 to start with, working from the ‘Direct Counter-Attack’ pre-set, although this will probably develop over the course of the seasons. For now, my priority is going to be getting through games and getting players on the pitch! Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 22.32.58.png

As you can see, we are very middle-heavy in terms of our midfield, and very, very thin at the back. I am however being thrown in at the deep end, so the rebuilding of the squad will be a gradual effort while I try to get the squad back to winning ways.

I’ll go into more detail on the squad and our tactical approach over the next few blog posts, while I pray to some Norse Gods for a couple of results and maybe even a couple of defenders!

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