1. Introduction

IA Resize 1

Shelley Kerr. Chan Yeun-ting. Corinne Diacre.

It’s a small list; and not only because it’s a small sample size of a larger pool – Women managing men’s football teams is a rarity, and of the three ladies above, since being appointed to men’s teams, only one of them remains in charge of a men’s team. Kerr and Diacre now manage Scotland and France’s women’s national sides respectively, while Chan Yeun-ting manages Eastern in the Hong Kong Premier League.

At a time when gender equality is being pushed in every aspect of life, there is a massive disconnect in sport. But I’m not here to push a political agenda, or cry about how there’s no female coaches in men’s sport when the majority of coaches in the Women’s Super League (Premier League equivalent) are male. I’m here to talk about my Football Manager 2019 save.

An Idiot Abroad.

The story of a 25-year old Scot with basically no playing experience and only one coaching badge, heading out into the big bad world of men’s football to make a name for herself. In true Journeywoman style, I’ll be starting unemployed, with 1 coaching badge, loading a few leagues in Europe, and waiting to see who offers me a job. At each club, I will be setting myself new challenges based on the club’s history and personnel, however by the end of the save I would love to enter the Hall of Fame in every nation I’ve managed in (not necessarily at every club), and play a similar style of football with each club to develop my own identity.

I’ve set myself a few rules for moving between clubs, which I hope will keep the save fresh and eventually see me moving to the very top of the footballing world.

First, I cannot move to a lower-reputation club unless I am sacked; this means no sideways or backwards steps just because one club is getting a bit stale.

Secondly, I can only move to a higher-reputation club if I apply or am approached; so basically, if I’m sacked, I can’t apply to a higher reputation club, which means I’ll only get better jobs on merit, not through sheer dumb luck after a sacking.

Thirdly, I cannot manage two consecutive teams in the same nation; this means I’ll get a real spread of experience around the world – so for example if I leave a club in Ligue 2, I’ll have to go to a club somewhere that isn’t in France before I can return to any French club at any point.

I also want to develop my own identity tactically, but I’ll be able to talk about that more once the game is out and I’ve had the opportunity to really get stuck into the tactics and training and get to grips with the new features.

Lets Go.

5 thoughts on “1. Introduction

  1. Came here from listening to Winginitfm pod – which I only just found. To the point in your opening paragraph, it was refreshing to hear a female perspective on FM. I podcasted in a different niche for many years and it frustrated me that it was middle age male dominated with no alternative/new perspectives (being middle and aged and male I was well in the creator demographic). I would actively get my daughter and son involved – both teens – to freshen it up.

    Hearing yourself, Sammy and JC was something really different and the varying opinions/views added so much to the conversation. There was a voice there for everyone listening – regardless of age or gender.

    Hope to hear you again on future pods.

    Also looking forward to seeing how this FM save pans out.

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