1. Introduction

Whenever someone talks about Liverpool, there are a few aspects of the club that spring to mind for me; player development, playing attractive football, and breaking the hearts of fans on a relatively consistent basis.

Recently, despite some hopeful looking prospects, the club has stalled on developing it’s own youth talent, often looking outside the club for youngsters to bring in and move to the first team (see: Dominic Solanke, Joe Gomez) and it is my aim to change that, by focusing on developing both the club’s own talent, and some of the extraordinary talent outside of the club.

Of course, I say this like it’s no big deal: There is clearly something which hampers the talent coming through the club, and I will have to investigate to see what that is. Are the players not mentally suited to top flight football? Are they not being given enough time to develop before a call is made on their future? Are the millions of pounds of TV Money blinding the club to the treasure trove of talent right under it’s nose?

Who knows, really?

Anyway, during the process of developing our own youth, I want to stay competitive and bring silverware back to Merseyside – I’m aiming for:

  1. A Premier League win within years
  2. A Champions League win within years
  3. The Treble within years
  4. A Fully Home-Grown first-team fielded within years
  5. A 80% Home-Grown squad winning Silverware within 10 years


It’s an ambitious programme, but for the purposes of the Home-grown goals, i’m going to count players who may have joined from other clubs, but who will count as HG at the club by the time they turn 21.

I’m not banning myself from exploiting talent from elsewhere in the world, but I do want to focus on our own youth players, and developing that talent, and turning it into trophies.

Here Goes Nothing

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